Monday, October 19, 2015

How you can personally become involved with the Occupy Movement

A show of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street


Join the Night Of A Million Tents Facebook Event 

Want to know how you can be personally involved with the Occupy Movement sweeping the Globe?

Well, first I have to start with a little story. Since the Occupy Seattle demonstration began at Westlake Park on Saturday, October 1st,   dozens of tents had been torn down and over 30  protesters arrested peacefully Then at Occupy Seattle's Oct 8th General Assembly, a passionate speaker addressed the issue of the rights to have tents at Westlake Park, and  that  confiscation would only lead to more tents being erected. During his speech he called out for 500 tents to be erected at next saturday's protest. Over the next week the word was spread person to person, by thousand of flyers and by the internet.

Well, we never did reach 500 tents, but were able to occupy Seattle with over 100 tents and had more than 3,000 people show up for a protest march on the streets of Seattle.
So this brings me back to the idea of "THE NIGHT OF A MILLION TENTS" . What I propose is, that each person that wishes to participate, but can't because, their local movement is too far, don't have transportation, or childcare, is for them to pitch a tent in their own front yard, place a protest sign next to it. Then invite your friends, family and neighbors to join you.

Knowing in some areas that October 29th can be chilly, you can either spend the night in the tent, bring lots of sleeping bags and blankets, or just leave the tent out in your yard. The message will be heard.

Here are links to the articles about the night of 500 tents

After the event, please send your pictures to

Facebook users please go to and invite
all of your friends!!!

This website to those who have passed before us. They dedicated their lives to the pursuit of truth.
Mark Harrison
Sean Daly
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Milton Spiedel

Monday, November 7, 2011

Just had to share this!

‎"I want you, each and every one of you, to have a reason to
be outraged. This is precious. When something outrages you,
as Nazism did me, that is when you become a militant, strong
and engaged. You join the movement of history, and the great
current of history continues to flow only thanks to each and
every one of us. History's direction is toward more justice and
more freedom—though not the unbridled freedom of the fox in
a henhouse. The rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights in 1948 are indeed universal. When you encounter
someone who lacks those rights, have sympathy and help him
or her to achieve them." from the book Indignez Vous - Time 
for Outrage by Stephane Hessel 

Search out a copy either in your local library or book seller or
you can do what I did and just google it using a phrase from
above, just making sure you bracket it with quotation marks " .
I could provide you with a link...but that would be too easy :)

Happy Monday morning!!!

Ok...I admit I am way toooooo occupied with this occupy thing. But as I see it, things are broken, very broken. It would be easy to find some distraction - a video game, the NFL/NBA/NHL/NCAA, some mindless reality tv, thousands of diversions to choose from but it's my view that we are at a tipping point, to where each of should be saying enough is's time for change..NOW!!! Maybe this is a great place to start -

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5th - Bank Transfer Day

I've been a bit absent lately...been playing catch up after being gone for the past 10 days. For those that put up a tent today...would love to see pictures. Since today is November 5th, be sure to close that account at Chase/BOA/WellFargo/Citigroup and open at a credit union or local owned and operated bank!!! - Here is a helpful link, just enter your zip -

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bank of America reascends $5 bank fee

Just heard that Bank of America just backed off the five dollar monthly
atm fee that they were going to charge. Good for them, one bank
that listens to their customers. But that gives you no reason
to close your account and move to a local credit union. Want
to own your own bank and get all the benefits of doing so?
Close your exiting account with Chase, BOA, Wells-Farggo
account and move to a local credit union. You'll be glad you
did.. I am.
Here is a little help -

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Haloween....NOMT - the next phase

I see that we continue to have people being added to the list of attendees...that's awesome. So for now, if you'd like to show your solidarity for the OWS movement, continue to pitch your tent on Saturday. Better yet, I might suggest finding a good 8x10 plastic tarp, a couple of poles, 20 feet of rope, dozen or so tent stakes and fashion yourself a makeshift tent and just leave it in your front yard, along with a couple of signs. My guess is, you may even have all this stuff sitting around in the corner of the garage. Worse case scenario you might have to spend 10 to 20 bucks at the local dollar store.

With my less that artistic ability, I've drawn a picture

To me, and I'm sure many others, tents seem to be a symbolic representation of the Occupy Wall Street movement....Comments anyone?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Growing...A Million Tenters in Sight

T minus 3 and counting. Yesterday I spent an hour posting on Facebook Occupy Sites around the world about the Night of a Million Tents and it looks like word got out as the numbers continue to climb, but with only 266 attendees, but it seems that I've missed the other 0.999999962 of the population :) this rate it will take 72 years to reach 1,000,000 but I'm still holding out. For those that are reading this - please send this link to as many people as you can and we can still make a great showing. -