Monday, October 24, 2011

Good morning...a new day, a new total. Though I'm far from a million committed attendees, like 999,790 short, it's still great to see each new person sign on. It was my hopes that facebook would be enough to spread the word, seeing that there are 600,000,000 users. I still continue to post in various places, still looking for that one big break...maybe today :) Funny thing is, I'm not sure anyone ever reads this, If so..maybe just click like button. Oh, and if anyone (or any two), can erect a tent, place a protest sign by it, snap a picture and post that would be great.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get the word out about Night of a Million Tents, I'm all ears.
This has been a great education for me. Please post your comments here..

23-Oct 9:39 PM
Here are the running totals from yesterday
Attendees - 197 6.07%
Maybe's       61 1.88%
No's           136 4.19%
No Resp.   2851 87.86%
Total Invite 3245
MOMT Hits 628

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